Do not view this commission carrd or attempt to contact me for an OhYotee commission if you are under the age of 18.I offer a wide array of commissions aside from these for people of all ages. To view that menu instead, click here.

☁️Open for Work☁️
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Hi, I'm Oh.
I'm an asexual coyote making sensual art without genitalia.
If you'd like to commission me, follow these buttons to find out how.

To read extended terms about certain topics, click any of these buttons below. Not required to read, only here for your reference.

Hi again - before we work together, you need to know something; I'm an admittedly fussy 'yotee. I may not be on a similar wavelength to your vision as other adult artists. If you find that I can't provide good service for your concept, I recommend taking it to a different artist who can bring it to its best form.Your desires may not line up to what I'm comfortable with illustrating, but it's no biggie! My workplace is a judgement-free zone, and I'm well aware that for what comes to mind when "adult work" is advertised, I'm missing a few of the more common staples.However, if you're good with my guidelines and curious about my curios, I'll work hard to put my very best efforts into your piece.

The most straightforward terms I can put forward are:I will only draw consenting furry characters over 18 years of age. I will not "age up" characters or anthropomorphize non-furry characters. Anything too humanoid or animal-like will be turned down.The last general term relates to my boundaries as an asexual artist.I am happy to draw innuendo, nudity, sensuality, even some more raunchy pieces, poses, and perspectives, but I will not draw genitalia, nipples, or fluids that any of those parts make.
(I also request that reference sheets provided to me are SFW or censored.)
Lastly, payment is accepted through Stripe or Cashapp only. PayPal is accepted, but will have an an extra 5% fee to cover the large percentage cut that PayPal takes will be added to your invoice.If you find that you have questions left unanswered, peek at the buttons to the left, or DM me with your Q's. Otherwise, continue on to the price guide to browse what I can make for you!

My prices get higher as a piece gets more sexual.
All my pieces are done in a full-color digital paint style. I will not do anything less or more.

I can draw any gender expression, species, & body type,
though I'm most skilled with masculine / nonbinary masc. characters!
Below is a more detailed look at my styles of pieces, their differences, and a price table so you can determine the general quote of whatever you're imagining.I'm also skilled in comic-making, so I can add word bubbles, sfx, action lines, or extra "panels" to any piece. Be sure to consider the explicitness of any extra views/panels and add them accordingly to your estimated quote via the price table.

  • "General Pin-Up" - casual, candid poses, revealing clothing, flirting, etc.

  • "Suggestive" - More blatantly sensual, more intimate, revealing poses, innuendos, etc.

  • "Very Suggestive" - More intense version of "suggestive", but not as blatant as "explicit". Strongly suggestive/revealing poses, hot & heavy, etc.

  • "Explicit" - Borderline pornography without genitalia.

💖General Pin-UpSuggestiveVery SuggestiveExplicit
Bust shot$100$150$275$400
Hip shot$200$275$450$650
+Extra view/panel+$75+$150+$300+$350

Bare in mind your final price will have an extra 10% sales tax charge.Extra characters will cost an additional half of the original quote pre-tax.All pieces are alloted 1 small prop and simple background elements for free. Extra / detailed / large props and/or more detailed background elements will cost more depeding on what you'd like me to draw.

Send me a DM to request an OhYotee illustration!
Let me know upfront what type of piece you want as well as the level of explicitness.
We'll get to all the details after I correspond with you.

Porn - $3,850

includes 10% sales taxIf you pay me this much I will draw you fullbody porn with all the bells and whistles and fluids or whatever you'd like, just no visible genitals as there truly is no price for me where that becomes something I have the power to do.Up to 2 characters and 2 extra views/panels.
Will have the same level of color/detail as my regular work.
Yes, this is a real item that you can order and that I will fulfill for you.
I wouldn't say it's the wisest financial choice in the world, but if you really want it that badly, this is how much it'll cost you 💖

Extended Terms (scroll to view all topics)

Consent requirements
I require written consent directly from any owners of original characters not belonging to you﹡. All parties involved must be 18+ years of age, no exceptions. I will need to message any partners / other parties involved to confirm their age and request their consent to the piece. Because of this, I recommend not ordering "surprise" pieces for partners unless you are alright with them knowing the gist of the piece (the level of explicitness, which character(s) will be involved, & who is purchasing the piece). I recommend speaking with any partners beforehand about these terms so that they will be in the loop when I message them. Messaging will be over either Instagram or FurAffinity DMs.
﹡I will not draw franchise characters. Inserts, kinsonas, and anthropomorphized characters with the species of a franchise character (example: anthro Pokemon character with an anthro reference sheet) will be allowed as long as they follow all other guidelines.Wait Time + Process
Payment must be received within 48 hours of request/invoice at risk of your commission being cancelled. Refunds are only accepted before work on your piece has begun. If you need a refund, message me directly and we can discuss. My work takes between 1 to 5 weeks, averaging 2 weeks for most pieces. Larger pieces / pieces ordered during busy weeks may take longer. I will keep you up to date with any interruptions that come with my process. I will send you periodic WIPs for your approval (you can request a piece be revealed only at the very end, though I can only make small edits if needed). Large changes may require additional payment. If you do not respond to 3 attempts over 2 weeks or during the WIP stage, your commission will be cancelled and not able to be refunded. Final pieces will be delivered via a download link.
Finished Art Rights
My finished artwork can be re-uploaded to Instagram or FurAffinity ONLY with visible, direct credit in the first line of a piece's description. Credits must link back to the OhYotee carrd or Instagram page. My art may not be resold as prints, NFTs, or other merchandise. If you would like me to create a piece for you specifically for print/merchandising, let me know before your piece is ordered. Extra fees will apply, as well as making sure certain perameters meet good requirements for merchandising such as canvasses / file types / colors suitable for quality printing.
Will / Won't Draw Extended
I can draw any species, body type, sexuality, and gender identity (though I'm best with male / masculine characters). My work is for comfort & pleasure, therefore I will not draw any pieces with hateful or offensive elements. I have the right to refuse any work that makes me uncomfortable.
I may draw some kinkware including leather, harnesses, gags, etc., though the minimum level of explicitness these fall under will be "very suggestive". I may not draw most fetish work, though feel welcome to ask where my boundaries lie with drawing specific types. Bare in mind these works will range anywhere from a level of "very suggestive" to "explicit".
I will not age up characters, anthropromorphize non-human / quad / monster characters, or draw franchise characters.
If you have any overall questions about what I will/won't draw or my drawing strengths/weaknesses, message me and I'll be happy to give you my honest answers. My work is a judgement-free zone.